Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hackney Pearl Flower Planter

A million thanks to everyone who turned out to help repair & replant the Hackney Pearl Planter in Wallis Road on Sunday!

This poor planter has been a bit unloved for a few months now - and had a very dry summer - but together - all these neighbours gave it a bit of a spruce-up.

We all know that the whole street scene is about to change enormously around these streets - but that doesn't mean that we should just leave this planter to disintegrate! The weirdest thing is we found someone locals passport buried under one of the dead flowers - how spooky was that?

Anyhow - thanks everyone! But please remember that anyone can help water & care for this planter - anytime they want. Next time you leave home - fill up an extra litre water bottle - and give the flowers a good soak as you leave for work.

Together - we'll all make the Wick a much lovelier place to walk through.