Thursday, 30 September 2010

Free Crocus Bulbs!!

The Evening Johnson yesterday illustrated the current 'Nature is in crisis as a third of animals and plants face extinction' story - with a pic of some crocuses. I'm not too sure that they fall into the one third category - but just in case - please get down to Trafalgar Square tomorrow at 11.00am.

The International Flower Bulb Centre, The Eden Project and Rotary International have clubbed together to give away thousands of Ruby Giant crocus bulbs in Trafalgar Square.

Even if these beauties are not under threat internationally - Hackney Wick has just 14 of them growing in Leabank Square - none anywhere else!! So - I URGE you to take your lunch break in Trafalgar Square tomorrow - and try & get as many as you can. Then go maaaaad all over the Wick!!

Check out for more details.

Go on - adopt a (free) bulb - Hackney Wick needs you!!