Friday, 26 March 2010

Free Seeds From BBC Dig In 2010

The amazing people at BBC have once again saved the summer for all of us by donating free veggie seeds directly to you!!

Remember - this is paid for by your licence fee - so please take advantage of it.

This year they are sending out free French Beans, scrumptious Salad, comely Carrots, curvy courgettes and beautiful aromatic Basil. Imagine all that on your dinner plate in a few short weeks?!

Come on Hackney Wick - even if you really don't have green fingers (& everyone does!) - then please order them anyway - and guerrilla garden you way around the neighbourhood. That ramp up to the station could do with some aromatic Basil, the wasteground below the A12 footbridge is crying out for beans growing all up the fence - you could even sneak the carrots into any public flower beds - and come back at midnight in July to lift them out for a feast!

Aaaaaaanyhow - here's the link: and happy digging in!!